Outdoor Activities

Rambling on the foot hills of the White Mountains

The Cretan landscape and nature offers numerous naturalistic excursions. Many visitors choose the famous Cretan Gorges that are both beautiful and accessible to different levels of difficulty. But Leading Guests have chosen for you something unique and special, a trip that combines more elements than a simple ramble. We suggest that you join us in […]

A day full of cycling, nature and culture!

It is said that the best way to get to know a place is not to travel hastily, but to observe the details, and to enjoy the scents and sounds of nature. To interact and meet with the locals in order to come to an understanding of the history and culture of the land you […]

1 Day Diving Excursion

  Restrictions for scuba diving in Greece have been lifted and now you can enjoy diving holiday in Greece and on the Greek islands!! One of the most unique diving places is the south coast of Crete, the cliffy shoreline of nearly 300 kms with its headlands, coves and many many underwater caves. Therefore this […]

Surrounded by the mythical stalactites and stalagmites of Crete. One day Tour.

Discover a mystical underground world on a caving adventure under the supervision of experienced guides and equipped with the latest safety equipment. The basic level of caving needs no prior experience and is suitable for all abilities, the caves are not narrow and there is plenty of light for a clear vision. The majority of […]

Discover the western and central Crete in 6 days trekking

  Crete, the largest and most mountainous of the Greek islands, is the cradle of Europe’s earliest civilization and the land where ancient myth and modern reality blend seamlessly against a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty. From coastal trails to challenging mountain, scenic walks through numerous deep gorges and ridge hikes, this six day walking […]

Crete’s South Coast Inn-to-Inn Sea Kayak 6 days Trip.

  Sea kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty, diversity and sheer magnificence of the Cretan coastline. Discover the unspoiled coast of Southern Crete as we paddle on the crystal blue waters of the Libyan Sea and picturesque fishing villages. Carefully-chosen locations and scenery makes this six-day, a terrific introduction to the challenges […]

Living the MTB spirit, on a 6 days Cretan tour

  Living the MTB spirit, on a 6 days Cretan tour. This bike trip is developed on gravel roads, lonely trails and single tracks and some few paved roads. Like in a masterpiece they link beautiful valleys with tiny villages and costal plains, plateaus and gorges of the island. The tour combines nice and calm […]