Learn the secrets of Cretan cuisine by picking and preparing your own dishes!

The Cretan diet has given us the most valuable gifts of health and longevity, and this day is dedicated to the Gastronomical heritage of Crete. The participants will have the opportunity to see and take part in the preparation and cooking of Cretan traditional dishes.     > Daily Program: You will be transferred from […]

Enjoy a full-day hands-on cooking excursion

  Experience the best of Crete’s countryside—and cuisine—on this amazingly peaceful, rewarding day-long excursion. We’ve handpicked a family-run restaurant, located right on the border of Rethymnon area, that we love for its striking beauty (complete with spectacular views of the rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards), sustainability (the farm is organic, uses sustainable practices), and […]

Tasting tour of Crete in 5 days

  The 5 Days Tasting Tour of Crete will immerse you in the history of the island while learning how its unique cuisine evolved. The culinary heritage of Crete has evolved in harmony with the geography of the island: long coastal plains, rolling fields, isolated upland plains, elongated sandy and pebble beaches, countless small villages, century’s […]

Cretan Wine Roads

  One of the great strengths of Greece is the extraordinary number of local grape varieties, how well these are adapted to the hot climate and just how good they are. Other recent advances are the large investment that has been made in the wineries and the arrival of a second wave of younger qualified […]