Gastronomic Round Trips

By a region’s literature and architecture you understand its history; by its art and music you understand its self-image. It is by its food, though, that you understand its true, unchanging character. The most communal of the arts, gastronomy is both, visual and physical, scholarly and emotional. And to visit these farms, vineyards and (of course) restaurants in the company of an expert is an even greater delight for the intellectual palate.

Tasting tour of Crete in 5 days

  The 5 Days Tasting Tour of Crete will immerse you in the history of the island while learning how its unique cuisine evolved. The culinary heritage of Crete has evolved in harmony with the geography of the island: long coastal plains, rolling fields, isolated upland plains, elongated sandy and pebble beaches, countless small villages, century’s […]