Bird Watching

Crete has been known for millennia as a centre of culture and learning, with a fascinating human history that spans some 5000 years of civilization. And, fortunately for those looking to combine a bit of culture with their birding, the country’s natural history is equally intriguing. The island dissolves into costal plains, mountains curved by long and profound gorges, rugged coastlines, and as a result of this–and the country’s perch at the edge of three bio-geographical regions–Crete offers a surprisingly diverse and alluring suite of birds

We’ll visit sites ranging from the teeming estuaries and mountain lakes, which should hold a vast assemblage of shorebirds and herons, to the cypress-scented slopes of the craggy mountains and plateau’s, where a magnificent array of raptors–including species of eagle and Griffon vulture such as Gypaetus Barbatus–are possible. The timing of our tour coincides with spring migration, which should add to our list a host of species heading for more northerly or westerly climes.

In addition to the excitement of birding, this tour offers the chance to sample some of the island’s great wealth of historical sites, such as Neolithic caves, Minoan villages and necropolis, as well as immense Bronze Age Palaces and villas.

Fine 6 days birding tour – at the peak of migration – in Crete.

  Crete is firmly established as one of the most bird-rich and stunningly attractive locations in Europe for observing spring migration. In spite of being the largest islands in the Aegean Sea and having two international airports, Crete has remained remarkably unspoiled; Its rich tapestry of habitats, ranging from rocky mountains, forested hills and stony […]