Surrounded by the mythical stalactites and stalagmites of Crete. One day Tour.


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Discover a mystical underground world on a caving adventure under the supervision of experienced guides and equipped with the latest safety equipment. The basic level of caving needs no prior experience and is suitable for all abilities, the caves are not narrow and there is plenty of light for a clear vision. The majority of the Cretan caves are located in the 3 main massifs of the island. You can find easily many sea caves along the south western coast, which can be explored. There is also the honeycomb of burial caves in the cliffs at Matala, and several dramatic caves near Kokkini Ammos.
We can organise these day trips based on your level, ranging from caves of 25 metres deep to 500 metres deep.

N.B. Please contact us for detailed information of the program and availability.