Cretan Wine Roads


One of the great strengths of Greece is the extraordinary number of local grape varieties, how well these are adapted to the hot climate and just how good they are. Other recent advances are the large investment that has been made in the wineries and the arrival of a second wave of younger qualified wine makers.

It’s wine o’clock! Enjoy a late afternoon stroll around Peza and Archanes area and discover our famous Heraklion red wines, including Kotsifali* and Liatiko*, along with a selection of equally delicious white wines.

Enjoy a Raki the pre-dinner drink favoured by the locals. Explore local neighbourhoods and local wineries while you savour typical Cretan wine flavours in this robust and famous wine-making region.

As you sip, your expert sommelier will take you through the wine’s origins and suggest the best food pairings.

This fun and informative tour is a great way to begin your evening and get a solid introduction to the many, many delicious Cretan wines. A great way to start the evening!

* Kotsifali: Soft and mellow, full of plum fragrances, the fleshy Kotsifali can be described as the Cretan equivalent of Merlot. Jointly responsible for the wonderful PDO Peza and Archanes wines.

* Liatiko: Excellent red variety which may be lacking in color, but offers unique sweetness and character. The mind-blowing sweet and dry PDO Sitia and Dafnes wines are indisputable proof.