6-day holiday in search of the Wildflowers on the island of Crete


Discover the rugged landscape, splendid upland plains, breathtaking gorges, sandy beaches and the dramatic coastline of Crete on this two centre holiday.

Crete boasts one of the most diverse floras in Europe, with over 1,600 species of flowering plant, 139 of which are endemic.

Our spring tours to Crete allow us the opportunity to join in local Easter celebrations and enjoy walks on almost deserted rails.

Based near the vibrant Rethymnon with its picturesque harbour front and narrow streets our walks offer routes through olive groves to Arcadi plateau and Monastery, the wonderfull area of Eleftherna, the massive of Psiloritis (Ida) and into the hills further to Plakias area, on the southern coast.

We will explore the Gorge of Kourtalioti with its phoenix theophrasti palm trees of Preveli beach, the dramatic Imbros Gorge and the orchid-rich hills around the village of Spili.

We then conclude with three nights in Western Crete based near the old capital of Chania. Our walks take us to the Rodopou and Gramvousa peninsulas and around Polyrhinia, one of the important settlements of classical Crete.

This tranquil part of the island with its well trodden mule paths bring us in contact with quiet churches, archaeological remains and traditional villages.

The Plateau of Omalos and Samaria Gorge are highlight of every walker’s visit to Crete and we include this truly rewarding day to our program.

N.B. Please contact us for detailed information of the program and availability.


Reading (Recommended) Plant Handbooks: Flowers and orchids:

Wild flowers of the Mediterranean.  Blamey/Grey-Wilson.

The Orchids of Crete and Karpathos. Alibertis, Antonis

Plants of the Peloponnese.  Walter Strasser.

Flowers of Greece. Vol 1 & 2.  T. Lafranchis and G. Sfikas

Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe.  K.P.Butler.

Orchids of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.  P.Delforge

The Bee Orchids of Greece. The Genus Ophrys.  Z.Antonopoulos

The Flowers of Greece, in two volumes.  Tristan Lafranchis and George Sfikas.