1 week yoga retreat in Crete

WYO29 Kapouera Kapsaliana

WYO29 Kapouera Kapsaliana
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Yoga and Culture.

Based in Kapsaliana village hotel, immerse you in the excitement of vibrant local traditions and then unwind with authentic inJoy yoga practice on our unique yoga and culture holiday. Return home feeling physically rejuvenated, spiritually enriched and mentally rebalanced.

inJoy Yoga

What better way to start your day – than the InJoy Yoga way!
Victoria draws upon a wide variety of techniques to meet your ability and needs.

Sessions will include breathing, warm up exercises, Asanas practice, Sun Salutation and relaxation methods re-balancing your vital energy. Each class builds upon the next, in a slow and consistent progression that allows you to open up and experience.

In Yoga sessions with Victoria you will also experience the conscious feeling and connection with your body, using your Inner Sight, spontaneous dancing, chanting the Sacred Sounds, giving you the opportunity to re-connect with your Inner Light.

Benefits of inJoy Yoga

Encourages a sense of calm and peace
Reduces stress

Builds strength

Brings focus to the mind

Encourages physical and mental balance

Increases flexibility and muscle tone
Develops proper body alignment