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Leading acts solely as an intermediary for the reservation/ booking of touristic services which are presented and facilitated through the Website and are provided by several competent third parties acting as intermediary of services or service providers, hereinafter referred to as “Third Party Provider”, which services and goods are promoted and announced through the Website and in accordance with the terms and conditions that each Third Party Provider, set and communicates to the users.



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During the access procedure to the Website and the use of the services provided it is required that users should read carefully, understand and accept these terms as a prerequisite for the provision of any services.

Leading reserves the right to modify these terms unilaterally without any prior notification to the users. Every modified version of these terms is published on the Website. Therefore, all users prior to the receipt of any service are required to be informed about the updated version of the terms and to accept any modification thereof.

Users are required to take all necessary actions in order to be informed about the terms and conditions applied to the provision of the touristic goods provided by the Third Party Providers, which are promoted and/or provided through the Website. All users should acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions via a specific procedure and the relevant conditions set by each Third Party Provider. Leading shall not be responsible to secure acceptance of those terms through the Website.

If, for any reason whatsoever, any user does not agree or accept one or more of these terms or of the terms set by any Third Party Provider, such user should abstain from the use of the Website and the relevant services and goods, otherwise the all terms are presumed as unconditionally accepted by the said user.

For the avoidance of any misinterpretation in case of non acceptance of any of these terms or any term set by any Third Party Provider by any user, that user may not be able to access the Website and or purchase the goods desired.

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Kapsaliana Village Hotel        GCD 95 GRT 16 97 HWC 15 77 78 79 80 WMA 28 WYO 27 29


Michalakis wines?                   GWR 30 31


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Asteri Travel                           OMB 08 09 10


Rose-Marie Uppman               SBO 12 13


Julia Jones                               SBO 11


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Vassilis stath (WiCo)              CGA 06


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Moonik (WiCo)                       CGR 03


Levenius (WiCo)                     CGR 02


Wolfgang Sauber (WiCo)       OCA 01


Jerzy Strzelecki (WiCo)          OCA 07