Gastronomy Days at Benaki Museum.

“Gastronomy Days-Designation of Origin: Greek” is a distinct-for the Greek reality- effort to highlight Greek gastronomy as well as to promote authentic and unique Greek food products.

It’s for the first time that the cultural dimension of Greek gastronomy is tried to be presented in such a targeted and systematic way. “Gastronomy days” is a pioneer and benchmarking source of coexistence of the different elements that compose the heterogeneous canvas of the contemporary Greek gastronomy. Therefore, it deserves to be considered as a distinct cultural festival and, at the same time, as a vehicle for the cultural and economic revitalization of our country.

For this reason, based on the target to focus on the deeply essential relation between the concepts of “gastronomy” and “civilization”, the location of Gastronomy Days had been decided from the very first moment: This major festival takes place in one of the most important Greek cultural places: Benaki Museum-Pireos 138.

Thanks to its inter-thematic schedule and content, “Gastronomy Days-Designation of Origin: Greek” festival provides a great potential for promotion for new creators, initiatives, products, best practices, gastronomic destinations, etc.

“Gastronomy Days-Designation of Origin: Greek” is a high standard cultural experience that has as an additional target group the foreign visitors of Athens. For this reason, the period of the festival was selected to be within May as it’s the starting peak month of incoming tourism in our country.