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Rethymnon Carnival 2017

Schedule of Events Rethymnon Carnival 2017 Friday 10/02/2017Party of the groups for the 28the treasure […]

Five Greek Geoparks (2 in Crete) participate in new UNESCO program

A new UNESCO programme entitled “World Geoparks Unesco” in which two Cretan areas participate was […]

According to The Huffington Post, Red beach is one of the 7 most secret nude beaches in Europe

You know it’s true: nothing on this Earth feels better than hitting the ocean wearing […]

Iris Cretica and Perfumes in Minoan times.

Olive oil, herbs and aromatic plants played a major role in the palatial economies of […]

Many Cretan endemic plants in danger of extinction.

As unbelievable as it may sound, Greek kitchen staples such as sideritis (mountain tea), dittany […]