According to The Huffington Post, Red beach is one of the 7 most secret nude beaches in Europe

You know it’s true: nothing on this Earth feels better than hitting the ocean wearing nothin’ but your birthday suit.
But why are Americans so shy about swimming in the buff, and why are European nudist beaches so darn crowded? The only answer, it seems, is to veer off Europe’s beaten path to the continent’s secret nudie paradises. Drop your pants and grab your goggles!


Red Beach, Crete Greece
Hand-painted signs and a rocky hike lead to this “little heaven” on the Greek island of Crete. Once at Red Beach, you’ll find a makeshift coffee shop, umbrellas for rent, and scores of the jolly Greek nudists you’ve always dreamed of befriending.


Filaki Beach, Crete Greece
The only “official” nude beach in Crete is located near Hotel Vritomartis (which is a naturist hotel as well). Characterized as one of the most nude-friendly beaches in Greece, Filaki is a meeting point for both Greek and international naturists.