Trekking Tours

Far from the purpose built resorts and crowded tourist centres, the south west of the island gives you the opportunity to discover a more authentic Crete and its traditional culture. Trekking tours are the ideal way to explore the interior of the island, following coastal paths, ascending the highest peaks, crossing upland plains and spectacular gorges.

Rambling on the foot hills of the White Mountains

The Cretan landscape and nature offers numerous naturalistic excursions. Many visitors choose the famous Cretan Gorges that are both beautiful and accessible to different levels of difficulty. But Leading Guests have chosen for you something unique and special, a trip that combines more elements than a simple ramble. We suggest that you join us in […]

Discover the western and central Crete in 6 days trekking

  Crete, the largest and most mountainous of the Greek islands, is the cradle of Europe’s earliest civilization and the land where ancient myth and modern reality blend seamlessly against a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty. From coastal trails to challenging mountain, scenic walks through numerous deep gorges and ridge hikes, this six day walking […]