Botanic Tours

Our Leading botanical tours are with experienced leaders; some of whom are botanists and some are expert naturalists with an interest in flowers and plants. Spring and early summer are ideal times to enjoy blooming landscapes. A flower holiday with us follows an unhurried pace and spans a range of walking grades, from leisurely to moderate.

Crete is on of the largest of the Mediterranean islands. It is 258km long and 56km wide. The island is dominated by four – largely limestone – mountain chains which stretch from east to west, rising to 2,456 metres at their highest point. From the island’s central mountainous ‘spine’ streams empty into the Aegean Sea to the north, and through deep gorges into the Libyan Sea to the south.

Discover the breathtaking gorges, rugged landscape, sandy beaches and dramatic coastline of the island.

Crete’s climate, position and variety of both altitude and terrain have created its outstanding world-renowned flora. It has an exceptional collection of characteristic Mediterranean flora, as well as about 140 endemic species, making it one of the most exciting places to see wild flowers in Europe.

6-day holiday in search of the Wildflowers on the island of Crete

  Discover the rugged landscape, splendid upland plains, breathtaking gorges, sandy beaches and the dramatic coastline of Crete on this two centre holiday. Crete boasts one of the most diverse floras in Europe, with over 1,600 species of flowering plant, 139 of which are endemic. Our spring tours to Crete allow us the opportunity to […]