Rethymnon Carnival 2017

Schedule of Events Rethymnon Carnival 2017

  • Friday 10/02/2017Party of the groups for the 28the treasure hunt 2017
Party of the groups for the 28the treasure hunt 2017 – Megaro Hall
Organizer: Anixneutes
  • Saturday 11/02/2017 Guinness record
Attempt to beat the Guinness record for largest treasure hunt in the world!
  • 11-12/02/201728th treasure hunt “An(t)axios”
Organizer: Anixneutes
  • Tuesday 14/02/2017 Serenades of another era
19:00 the Municipal Chorus of Rethymno, the European Section of the Music School Choir and Musicians of our city, together with the Carnival teams will revive the Kantada custom along the streets of the old town. It will begin at Agnosto Stratioti square and it will end at Megali Porta.
  • Wednesday 15/02/2017 Children’s party at the Periigitikis club Hall
17:00 Children’s party at the Periigitikis club Hall
Organizers: Periigitiki Club
  • Wednesday 15/02/2017 Art Workshops “Heroes of Carnival! Which hero do you want to be? “
18:30-20.30 Carnival program from the Museum of contemporary art of Crete (KEDIR.) – Art Workshops for adults and children, with the theme: “Heroes of Carnival! Which hero do you want to be? ” at the Museum of contemporary art of Crete (Messolongi 32, Old Town). Telephone number is essential. Free admission
  • Thursday 16/02/2017 Tsiknopepmti
Barbeque and Dance throughout the city of Rethymno with the Carnival groups!
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  • Friday 17/02/2017The Dance of the Rethymno Carnival 2017
Theme: “House of horror”. Dance, food, drink, entertainment and presentation of theatrical-satirical skits from the Rethymno Carnival Groups.
20:00 PELAGOS HALL – Organizer: Rethymno Carnival Groups. Entrance fee 15euro.
  • Saturday 18/02/2017 Forerunner in Chania
12:00 Forerunner in Chania. The shouter of the Rethymno Carnival at the Market Square.
10:30 Departure from 4 Martyres Square
  • Saturday 18/02/2017Art Workshops “Masks with the technique of gypsogazas”
12:30-14:30 Carnival program from the Museum of contemporary art of Crete (KEDIR.) – Art Workshops for children with the theme: “Masks with the technique of gypsogazas” in the Visual laboratories (Himaras 8). Necessary to booking by phone; Entrance free
  • 19 to 23/02/2016City Festival in Mikrasiaton square
From 19:00 until 22:00 every evening musical ensembles and artistic groups of pupils and students who will present their work!
Daily from 17:00-19:00 workshops art work and disguises for children and not only.
  • Thursday 23/02/2016Bike ride around town for kids and adults
19:00 Agnosto Stratioti Square. Friends of cycling disguised along with their bikes go on the most crazy, colourful and fun bike ride of the year filling the streets of the old town with fun, imagination, bicycles and masqueraders. The action is supported by the Cycling Club of Rethymno and the Climbing Club of Rethymno. It will end Mikrasiaton Square.
  • Friday 24/02/2017 Cretan traditional Serenades.
19:00 From the square of the Agnosto Stratioti. The children of the music school of Rethymnon, the musicians of our city and the Teams of the Rethymno Carnival will revive the custom of Cretan Serenade.
20.30 Ending with a Cretan feast by musicians of our city at mikrasiaton square.
  • Saturday 25/02/2017 Children’s parade & Night Parade
17:00 Beginning at Theotokopoulou junction
18:30 Ending and kids party in the courtyard of the 3rd high school. Party at Periigitiki Club (St. Francis Street) at the end of the parade-organised by CLUB PERIIGITES
21:00 Night parade Starts from the junction Theotokopoulou. A Group of Brazilian percussionist Batala Creta will take part
22:30 Ending with live concert with Nikiforo at mikrasiaton square.
  • Sunday 26/02/2017Parade of teams and floats

Parade of teams and floats / 14:00 Beginning at Theotokopoulou junction. Dj party at the square. Polytechneio (Sohora)
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  • Monday 27/02/2017 Ash Monday
Traditional Koulouma!

Ash Monday

Monday February 27th, 2017

MUNICIPALITY OF RETHYMNO PERIVOLIA 12:30 Traditional Koulouma with bean soup at the parking Perivolia (Gorgopotamos & Kalogeraki). Organised By: Municipality Of Rethymno – KEDIR & Cultural Association Perivolion – Myssirion «Emmanuel Pachlas ‘.

GERANI 10:00 the battle of the kites. 12:30 the parade of the camel. Koulouma with kites Carnival events and sarakostiana dishes. Organizer: Cultural Association “the pride” Gerani.

ARMENI 12:00 Revival of the custom smudge with traditional koulouma.

ELEYTHERNA11:30 Revival of traditional custom of Mpegiraki and moytzoyrwmata by young people of the village. Treats by the cultural Association of Eleftherna.

ROYSSOSPITI Traditional koulouma and kite-flying by the cultural association Royssospitioy and the Carnival group ARKALOI.

SOMATAS 11:30 The cultural association Swmata offers traditional bean soup.

FOTEINOY 11:00 Traditional koulouma, bean soup and kite-flying. Organizer: Cultural Association Of Foteinou.

MUNICIPALITY OF MILOPOTAMOS – MELIDONI 12:00 Aygomazwma and 14:00 Stealing of the bride and Kantis

MUNICIPALITY OF AMARIOY – MERWNAS 12:30 MERWNAS Traditional events, games, music, with the participation of everyone.